Pope Pius II.

Pope Pius II. (pontificate 1458–1464) - founded the Otočac diocese, was a great promoter of resistance against the Ottoman invasions in Europe. As the Frankopans had excellent relations with this pope, on March 5, 1460, the pope established the diocese of Otočac by circular letter, and declared Otočac a city (civitas). But the establishment of the Diocese of Otočac was not only a reflection of the Pope's good relations with the Franks, it was a reflection of his policy to contribute to the consolidation of the entire area by the establishment of new dioceses in preventing the penetration of the Ottomans. He tried to organize a crusade against them, so in 1459 he summoned European rulers to Mantua. But there was no support and this war was never realized. He will remain recorded as the only pope (ruler) who in the 15th century was willing to suppress the Ottomans in their break to the West. The figure was made by the sculptor Šime Vidulin from Pula.