Tourist Board

The Tourist Board was established with the goal of promoting and developing tourism in the Republic of Croatia as well as the financial interests of legal and natural persons who offer hospitality and tourism services or engage in other activities directly related to tourism in a manner that enables them to manage the destination on the level for which they were established. The Tourist Board operates in accordance with the destination management principle.

The Tourist Board of the City of Otočac was founded in October 1994 and in its thirty years of work has contributed to the development of the destination through the most important tasks:

 - implementation of projects to increase the destination's competitiveness,

- development activities related to connecting elements of the offer into packages and products,

- development of events in the destination and other reasons for coming to the destination for individual and group guests,

- creation and distribution of informative materials,

- creating content on destination websites and social network profiles,

- cooperation with public and private sector entities in the destination in order to improve the quality of the tourist experience, functioning, availability and quality of public services, services and communal services in the area of ​​the tourist destination

- installation and maintenance of tourist signage

- participation in the creation of strategic and development plans in the area of ​​the destination

The Tourist Board of the City of Otočac actively takes part in numerous initiatives aimed at conserving the tourist area, improving the tourist atmosphere, and preserving the natural environment.

The numerous awards and acknowledges that Tourist Board of the City of Otočac has received in recognition of its many years of dedication to the growth and promotion of tourism in the area, serve as proof of the outstanding quality of the work that it has done.

Some of the prizes are as follows:

2022 - at the 53rd International Novi Sad Tourism Fair - Grand Gold Medal for the high quality of the organization of gastronomic events

2021 - Simply the Best award for the creativity and quality of promotional campaigns on social networks realized during the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly contributed to the growth of the destination's recognition.

2020 - Večernjak's tourist patrol declared Otočac the champion of continental Croatian tourism

2020 - Sunflower of rural tourism in Croatia in the category "Rural - tourism project" - special recognition for promoting continental tourism in pandemic conditions

In 2019 - the Simply the Best award was won by the Eko Ethno Gack event - for the quality of the event, which with its content nurtures the culture and lifestyle of the local community and enriches their tourist offer for almost a quarter of a century

2017 - Sunflower of rural tourism in Croatia in the category "Rural - tourist manifestations" - Eko Ethno Gacka manifestation won a special award for a traditional manifestation

Director Viktorija Rogić and professional associate Zdenka Kostelac are employed in the office of the Tourist Board of the City of Otočac.

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