Kayak / canoe

Kayak / canoe

Kayaking or canoeing is definitely one of the things you must do if you're seeking a fun, unique, and adventurous experience. The Gacka River, which differs from other karst rivers in many ways, is the perfect companion for such a relaxed journey.

Both kayaking and canoeing on Gacka have many advantages, like discovering the area's stunning natural beauty and learning about its diverse flora and fauna while simultaneously working out your body and receiving a little rest for your mind, heart, and soul.

Try paddling in transparent kayaks so you can see into the Gacka River's depths for an extra-special experience. When paddling in a transparent kayak, you have the impression that you are a part of the life-filled, wild-yet-so-tame river. From the birds, who will go with you the entire way, to the Gacka Valley's lush vegetation and breathtaking beauty, which will leave you breathless, all the way to the fish and other living creatures that practically emerges beneath your feet.

Whether you are traveling alone, with family, or with friends, pick the route of 3 or 5 bridges, make an ideal kayak or canoe reservation, and enjoy the special experience of Gacka Valley.

Find out more information about kayak/canoe reservations and routes at:

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