Karlo Mirth

Karlo Mirth (1917– 2013) – publicist, born in Otočac. He completed his studies in forestry in Zagreb. As a high school student, he published articles in Lička sloga, Hrvatski Dnevnik and Hrvatski Narod magazines. In 1945, he emigrated to Italy in an emigrant camp. He studied journalism at the University of Rome, Spanish language and culture in Spain, and when he went to the USA, he studied and obtained a master's degree in librarianship and computer science. Launches the famous magazine Croatia Press, spreading the truth about Croatia. He was the president of the Croatian Academy of America ten times, in 1993 he was declared its honorary president for life. In 1958, Mr. Mirth started the cultural and scientific journal Journal of Croatian Sudies, which was subscribed to by prominent American and world universities such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the Stanford and Berkley libraries, then many in Canada, Western Europe and Australia, in Eastern Europe such as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The Journal of Croatian Sudies has become the largest Croatian magazine in America during its 40 years of publication. Karlo Mirth, publicist, editor, polyglot, publisher and essayist, was a leading intellectual figure of the Croatian diaspora in America in the second half of the 20th century in the fight for Croatian national interests. The figure was made by sculptor Marcelo Starčić from Kanfanar.