Pizzeria Ruspante

Pizzeria Ruspante

Name of the facility: Pizzeria Ruspante
Address: Sinac 135, 53220 Otočac
Contact number: 053 787 787
Instagram: pizzeriaruspante

One of the most popular and top-rated pizza joints in Croatia is located in Sinac, close to the distinctive mills on Majerovo Vrilo, at the Gacka River's very source. Since its opening in 2018, Pizzeria Ruspante has grown to become a very recognizable brand on a national scale. Because it primarily employs regional ingredients for its pizzas, this family-run pizzeria is unique and different from others. Starting with homemade flour prepared at the mills at the Gacka River's spring, which are located next to the pizza, to regional cheeses, sausages, trout, and even lamb. The pizzeria is a major draw for visitors to Gacka because of its excellent cooking and uncommon toppings. They also make their own tomato sauce and pesto Genovese sauce, and in addition to pizza, they serve lasagna and pancakes that are also cooked with handmade flour.


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