Vinko de Andreis

Vinko de Andreis (bishop from 1493–1520) – one of the five bishops of Otočac, a great diplomat. He was one of the most significant and influential bishops. He was born in Trogir in 1441, studied philosophy and theology in Zadar and Perugia. Pope Alexander VI. appointed him bishop of the Otočac in 1493. He was the first bishop to preside in Otočac. Bishop Vinko was an excellent diplomat in the service of Frankopans (especially Bernardin Frankopan), popes and kings. In 1515, the Pope appointed him his commissioner for Illyricum. In the same year, he became his commissioner for Hungary. As Vinko managed the Diocese of Otočac during the difficult battles with the Ottomans, he mediated between Pope Leo X and the Croatian ban and bishop Petar Berislavić in seeking help for the attacked Croatia. The Pope sends help in money, grain and weapons. Vinko intercedes with King Ladislav and secures another 7,000 ducats for the defense of Croatia. His original episcopal seal is preserved in Otočac Parish. The figure was created by the academic sculptor Sandra Nejašmić iz Postira on Brač.