The Dabar breviary

The Dabar breviary - is an important manuscript book of indisputable domicile origin, from the region of Gacka, from Dabar, dated 1486. At that time, Dabar was an obvious Glagolitic focal point, and Borgo Illirico 6. and 5. are also linked to Dabar itself. The Dabar breviary was written at the very end of book manuscripts, for which decade the printing press would take over complete primacy. That the breviary originates from Dabr is evidenced by a handwritten Glagolitic record: -“And that's what I wrote, Pop Stipan, that the account was agreed upon from above, since with my brothers Mikul Beroić and Ivan Tomšić, and you from the tribes of Dabran and Zagorac, and at the same time, you were brothers. In our time, there would be great hardships and hardships from the Turks, … and the saint of Kuzma and Domjan in Dabar.”(A to pisah' ja pop' Stipan' ta račun' zgoru dogovoran' budući z brat'jom mojom' Mikulom' Beroićem' i Ivanom' Tom'šićem' a ti od plemena Dabran' i Zagorac' a pri tom' biše i veće brat'e naše a va to doba bihu velike teškoće i nevole od Turak' a ta br(vi)jal' ta e crikv'ce s(ve)toga Kuz'me i Dom'jana v Dab'ri). This breviary has beautiful initials (the most famous is the letter V), and it is stored in HAZU. It belongs to the Glagolitic medieval codices. The motif of the initials was created by the sculptor Marcelo Starčić from Kanfanar.