The Battle of St. George's Rocks

The Battle of St. George's Rocks (October 16, 1663) – the Croatian army's most major triumph over the Ottomans since the Battle of Krbava Field. Despite being comparable to the Battle of Krbava Field—which Croatia won—it remained in the historical background because the latter was a Croatian triumph while the former was a Croatian defeat. On the sculpture is the figure of Petar Zrinski, the commander of this battle, and above the figure is his slogan Vincere aut mori. Petar Zrinski (June 6, 1621 - April 30, 1671) became Croatian Ban in 1668 after the death of Nikola Zrinski. He was a great warrior who became famous in many battles, especially when he defeated Deli Pasha with 300 Croatian warriors. Badanjković and his 1,400 soldiers, and when he and 2,000 warriors defeated Ali Pasha Čengić and his 8,000 soldiers in the Battle of St. George’s Rocks near Otočac. How great a warrior and great hero he was is best shown by the fact that the king called Peter “the shield of Christianity and the scarecrow of the Turks”. He was executed in Bečko Novo Mjesto (New Town in the land of Vienna) 1671. The figure was created by the academic sculptor Gabriele Gottoli from Verona - Italy.