We have singled out everything you can visit during your stay in the Gacka Valley. From the mill, where you can experience the unique centuries-old peace, to the famous fish farm-pond 'Gacka', a place where fish have been farmed for 3 decades and where you can see the famous California brown trout. In addition to all of that, you also have to visit the Ličko lešće Cave, which is rich in the Iyapodic culture. There is also the Sanctuary of the pagan god Mithras, a remnant of the ancient sanctuary known for the fact that this particular religion was reserved for men only. Further on, we have the Gacka Park, a beautiful and cultural-historical sight which takes you back through time all the way to the formation of the Early Croatian State, and the Duke Borna in the early 9th century. We also single out the Fortica fortress, one of the last two remaining triangular fortresses in Croatia. And, last but not least, if you want to see live bears, then the “Velebit” bear cub orphanage is the place to do it.


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Fish farm Gacka

Fish farm Gacka

The fishpond working hours are from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. on workdays, retailing of fish from own production.

Fishpond-fish farm “Gacka” in Sinac works under the company Leko d.o.o. It was established as a full-system closed-end type fishpond with its own production of young stock of the domesticated rainbow trout and the indigenous brown trout and the production of mentioned fish species in all age categories, intended for restocking natural watercourses and sports and recreational facilities, including the production of fish for consumption.

The tradition of producing fish has been around at this fish farm for three decades in continuity. There is also a plant for fish processing and the production of a wide range of prepared and processed fish products. From our range, we can highlight the rainbow trout, indigenous and salmon-like brown trout for consumption, fillets of the previously mentioned trout, cold-smoked fillet of the Gacka trout and caviar and pate as delicacies, also made from the Gacka trout.

Information: LEKO d.o.o., Sinac BB, 53220 Otočac, Tel.: 053/787-797, E-mail:;