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Otočac offers a number of events throughout the year. Some of the most famous hallmark events are the Folklore Festival, and the Eco-Ethno Gacka Fair.

The Folklore Festival is a traditional event which has been held in Otočac since 1999. The event lasts for two days during which various artists and folklore groups compete each other to bring the best perfomance to the crowd.

The Eco-Ethno Gacka Fair displays a large number of exhibitors who all differ in the variety of the products they offer to the visitors, as well as the included cultural and artistic program.

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The Tourist Board of the City of Otočac organised the Eco-ethnic Gacka event ever since the year 2003.

The organisation started 18 years ago in order to enrich the tourist offer of the City of Otočac, but also to help the lesser known manufacturers who do not have the necessary resources to enter the larger market.

Every year, the fair has more and more exhibitors showing up, but also new visitors who have been attracted by a diverse offer of both old and new authentic products as well as the interesting and rich, cultural, artistic program.

Active following and cheering for the front-runners in cooking contests for the Hunter's Stew (boar/deer goulash with mushrooms) has become a traditional and indispensable part of the Fair, characterised as a friendly battle between professionals and amateurs for the title of the best Hunter's Stew Cook of the City of Otočac.

The Eco-ethnic Fair is an opportunity for the presentation and sale of products by registered exhibitors, but also to present the Gacka Valley as a tourist destination which has something culturaly valuable to offer to tourists even during the hot summer months, along with socialising and friendly competition.


The Otočac Folklore Festival is a traditional event which has been held in Otočac since 1999. The Gacka Public Open University is the sole organiser of this two-day event which includes the selection of the finest male and female costumes, The Folklore Parade through the city streets and individual performances of groups ending with a final concert. The Festival is usually held in the middle of June in the open air, from the location of the city centre itself.
To this day, the Festival has grown into a traditional and cultural main event of the Lika-Senj County, as well as the only one of its kind on the County's territory. The Festival gathers almost all folklore groups from the territory of the Lika-Senj County, but also guest groups from different regions of Croatia.
Each year, the Festival attracts several thousands of participants and visitors, all united in the intent to present and preserve the non-material cultural heritage of the Dinaric folklore region, such as: dances, songs and other customs which would have surely been forgotten, if not for these kinds of events.