The honey from Gacka is known as a high-quality product that you can taste and buy at authentic beekeeping households due to the beekeepers’ hard work all year-round. At a total of 11 honey points, you will get to know the wonderful world of hardworking bees which create irreplaceable products - honey, pollen, propolis, wax, and royal jelly. You will be welcomed by and taught about beekeeping by a number of professional beekeepers, so you can familiarise with the production process. In the Gacka region, the prevalent form of beekeeping is the stationary one, which guarantees its autochthony. The absence of intense agricultural production provides us with possibilities for the development of environment-friendly beekeeping and precisely due to pristinely preserved natural conditions, the Gacka honey easily meets all of the requirements of organic honey production. The Gacka honey contains the following pollen variety: maple, alder buckthorn, cherry plum, wild cherry, mahaleb cherry, blackthorn, centaury, lime tree, common privet, dandelion, scabious, meadow clary, umbellifer, common bird’s-foot trefoil, ragged-robin, red and white clover, plume thistle, thyme, eryngo, and the pollen of other species of melliferous plants.

The particularities of the natural conditions which nature bestowed upon us, along with the plethora of medicinal herbs and plants growing in the Valley allow us to keep developing an attractive medical tourism offer known as - the apitherapy.

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Breathing in the beehive air helps in treating respiratory diseases.

In our region, apitherapy is based on the proper use of bee products and their combinations at Marinko Bronzović’s Family Farm. Apitherapy inhalation is conducted at the apitherapy inhalation house, i.e., the apichamber which is located next to the apiary. The apitherapy inhalation house/chamber features 6 apiaries with 6 professional apitherapy inhalers, where one can breathe in the beehive air, enriched by microparticles derived from the bee products such as - honey, propolis, fermented pollen, royal jelly, bee venom, and beeswax.
Breathing in the beehive air helps in treating respiratory diseases; pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infection, upper respiratory tract infection, and chronic pulmonary diseases such as COPD - asthma, as well as various allergies, migraines and persisting headaches. It also helps strengthen the immunity and improve the general mental and physical condition of the body. It helps with easing cardiovascular diseases, stress, depression, post-stroke recovery, and helps improve the overall physical condition of the body.
Apitherapy inhalations are strongly recommended to athletes and people who are physically more active due to the increase of lung capacity and the relaxation of the body after strenuous exercise. The recommended inhalation time for the apichamber users is 30 minutes per day for a period of 10 days.

Antistress therapy

Welcome to our small garden of Eden!

Apart from apitherapy inhalation, there is another part of the house dedicated for conducting an antistress therapy treatment. There is a comfortable bunk there, where the user, separated from the bees by a safety net, can rest and relax completely while enjoying the calming buzzing of the bees, watching them work with haste, enter and exit the beehives, often loaded with pollen sticking to their little feet. At the same time, the antistress therapy user is being splashed and deeply relaxed by the aromatic scent of the beehive and the bees themselves. Welcome to our small Garden of Eden!

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