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This border fortress in Otočac lies by the Gacka River. The part of the fortress where the captain and most of his men reside is surrounded by walls and several towers. There also stands the Church of Saint Mary, as well as the Chapel of Saint's Fabian and Sebastian.
The rest of the unit and most inhabitants live outside the fortress, in clay-covered houses built on thick poles amid water.


Gacka is one of the oldest Croatian provinces. Its inhabitants, the people of Gacka, have been mentioned as early as the 9th century, for the first time in 818, during the time of formation and the origin of the early medieval Croatian state. Borna was the first Croatian ruler to subject a much larger area to his rule. In the Latin Frankish records he was referred to as dux Guduscanorum, or the leader of the people of Gacka, while the people of Gacka were being reffered to as natio Guduscanorum. Starting from his home of the Valley of Gacka, Borna expanded his authority further to provinces of Dalmatia and Liburnia.

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LOCATION: only 150 Km from city of Zagreb

We invite you to discover the source of the Gacka River, the third-longest subterranean river in the world. Gacka is an extremely clean, rich in oxygen river, while also being famous among fishermen for the fact that the trout from the Gacka River grows up to 5 times faster than in any other karst rivers.

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Endless possibilities for nature lovers. From crystal clear waters of the river Gacka to rugged peaks of Croatia's beloved mountain Velebit.

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LOCATION: only 15 Km away from the National park of Northern Velebit

The area of the Gacka Valley has been inhabited as early as the Prehistoric times. The oldest side from this period in the Gacka Valley is located on it's southern edge within the Pećina in Lešće. The traces of charred bones of wild animals as well as bones showing marks made by the usage of tools made of stone show the presence of humans from the Mesolithic period - the transition from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic.


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LOCATION: only 2 Km away from the main Croatian A1 highway

Although essentially a karst river, Gacka is extremely slow and quiet with a uniform flow of water. Apart from the uniform abundance of its source, Gacka is known for its stability and small temperature fluctuations. The average annual water temperature is 9.4°C (7.9°C in winter, 10.8°C in summer), which is particularly suitable to the fish of the salmonid family.

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From the fish species, Gacka is renowned for its brown trout (Salmo trutta), truly being a mecca for all passionate anglers. Because of the abundance of food, the brown trout of Gacka grows 5-7 times faster than in any other trout water in the world. The largest specimens of the Gacka's trout have been known to grow up to 5 kg. The angling season on the Gacka River opens from 1st of March and closes on October 31st.

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