The Folklore Society "Otočac" has been established by the decision of the Governing Council of Otočac on September 15th, 1998, under the name of Folklore Society "Gacka Valley", and has been renamed to its present name back in the year 2000. It brings together about 70 members of all ages, and teaches how to play the traditional instrument tamburitza, while nurturing the old chakavian dialect, folk customs and original traditional dances from the Gacka Valley and other Croatian regions.

The success of it's work has been confirmed by a series of performances at home as well as abroad. The FD Otočac participated in numerous folklore festivals, took place in occasional events and all-night cultural programs. It holds a record for the highest participation in the shooting of documentaries on traditional heritage, as well as in the series "Lijepom Našom" (A Croatian National Television Folklore live series). The Folklore Society "Otocac" has also recorded an album titled "River Gacka, You're Our Pride".

Head of the Folklore Society Otočac: Vera Dasović
phone: +385 98 948 0481
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.