The CAD (KUD) "Lipa" from Sinac evolved from the former Tamburitza ensemble "Lipa", which was founded in Sinac some eighty-five (85) years ago, in 1923. According to our sources, it is the oldest standing society of its kind within the territory of the Lika-Senj County, as well as being the oldest in the whole country of Croatia.

CAD (KUD) "Lipa" has been committed on working together to promote not only the musical, cultural, oral and other heritage in Sinac and the Gacka Valley, but also in the whole of Lika County, Croatia, and beyond it's borders. The Society activities were partly and temporarily suspended during the Homeland War of the 90's, during which the members of the CAD (KUD) "Lipa" were actively involved in defending their homes. Applying more contemporary methods, the society continued working towards achieving their long-set goals of helping the cultural organizations of the region in which they live and work to help preserve the spiritual heritage and living oral traditions of the oldest inhabitants, as well as trying to keep the region’s cultural treasures from being forgotten and eventually dying out. The education is vital for gaining insight into the essence and significance of the Croatian language, notably the authentic local vernacular, the CHAKAVIAN DIALECT OF SINAC which is still spoken and being in use today by the people of Sinac.

Currently two-thirds (2/3) of the members are young people below twenty (20) years old, who eagerly expand on top of their school education with a more detailed knowledge of the Croatian history that is carved in the green stones and riverbanks of the magnificent river Gacka. Having performed numerous times throughout the country and abroad, they in a way act as ambassadors who promote and disseminate the cultural heritage of Croatia on the fertile grounds of the classical European culture. The Society is lead by expert and highly qualified professionals who are eager to pass on their knowledge and extensive experience to the new members.

The Tamburitza section, which is made up of a mixed tamburitza orchestra and a folk tamburitza ensemble, is directed by Mr. Tomislav Bogdanić. Early on, he taught himself how to play by ear while listening to the sounds of tamburitza. To play tamburiza was a matter of prestige and only the best were allowed to play in the background to demonstrate their knowledge and earn a place among the masters. Today Mr. Bogdanić plays all string instruments, including the samica, a forerunner of the modern tamburitza.

The choir works under the direction of Ms. Branka Bernardi, a music teacher. Using oral traditions and some musical recordings, she reconstructs authentic versions of old tunes and songs combining a cappella and tamburitza accompaniment as well as the sound of the samica with the singing of soloists and singing choirs. The whole work is documented in musical notes, sounds and videos in order to preserve the authentic tunes for the future generations who are growing up in this majestic landscape of fields, woods and water, bathed in the snow, rain, sun and the hospitality of the sturdy, peace-loving, noble, proud, pious, yet sometimes stubborn men and women of Sinac.

The folk and drama groups are lead by Ms Jasna Ilić, a graduate of Croatian language and literature and phonetics. The extensive knowledge acquired through theoretical studies and practical work in the field is transposed, to the greatest possible extent, in the spoken and sung word, in the folk dance steps, in the hair braid style, in traditional embroidery, knitting and weaving techniques, in the smiles and glances of each member of the KUD Lipa. The aim is to develop love for and awareness of the language, both spoken and written, of the history of ones home town and home country, of every member of the living community who has a vital place in the chain of life.

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