Borgio Illirico 6. and 5

Borgio Illirico 6. and 5. - Glagolitic manuscript books originating from Gacka. Medieval Glagolitic literacy in the area of ​​Gacka, Lika and Krbava was extremely large and significant. Numerous missals, breviaries and anthologies and a number of other secular records were written in Croatian or Old Slavonic by the Croatian redaction. Unfortunately, none of the mentioned books have been preserved in the area where they originated, but the books were taken to the coast, Krk and Istria. The reason was the unstable times of war and the invasion of the Ottomans further and further west. Borgio Illirico 6 is a breviary written in 1387 in the vicinity of Dabar, and it is stored in the Apostolic Library in the Vatican. The writer Fabijan writes: "And then Prince Anž (Ivan Frankopan) was the lord of Krk and Gacka and Senj and more" (A tada biše knez Anž (Ivan Frankopan) gospodin Krku i Gacki i Senju i veće). Borgio Illirico 5 is a breviary completed in 1379. It is also stored in the Apostolic Library in the Vatican. On the last page, it is written that due to the carelessness of a priest from Radoš, this breviary fell into the hands of the Turks, and that the inhabitants collected a ransom in order to return it. A copy of the record of collecting funds for the purchase of this breviary was placed in the foundation of the new building of the National and University Library in Zagreb. The author of the initials is the sculptor Marčelo Starčić from Kanfanar.