Bernardus de Gecka

Bernardus de GeckaGacka's preceptor. Brother Bernard (frater Bernardus) is mentioned in 1245 as preceptor de Gecke, i.e. as head of the Templar area in Gacka. It is obviously a proceptorate in the area of ​​the Gacke region, but unfortunately few historical documents about it have been preserved. Admittedly, brother Lampert de Geizka is mentioned before him in 1217, but there is no indication that he was a preceptor, and as the Templar Order was complexly hierarchically organized, everything remains an assumption, not a real proof that he was a preceptor. In the Templar hierarchy, the preceptor belongs to a lower Templar hierarchy and is responsible for the organization and management of work in a certain locality, in this case the region Gacka. The Templars acquired Gacka in 1219 from the Croatian and Hungarian king Andrew II. as a thank you for their participation in the crusade in 1217, and they kept it until 1268, when the king gave them Dubica in exchange due to strong disagreements, and two years later, Gack gave it to Dujam II, Duke of Krk. The figure was made by academic sculptor Ivan Briski from Zagreb.