Alfons Dalma

Alfons Dalma (1919–1999) – journalist and publicist, born in Otočac under the real name Stjepan Tomičić. Already at the age of 17, he went to Zagreb and worked as a freelance journalist for the Catholic newspaper Hrvatska straža (Croatian Guard). He started as a translator at the Croatian Press Agency. He was also a correspondent from Paris. In 1939, he moved to the Catholic newspaper Hrvatski Glas (The Voice of Croatia). After the establishment of NDH (Indipendent State of Croatia) and the banning of that newspaper, Tomičić moved to the Croatia news agency. In 1945 he made his way to Vienna and immediately afterwards to Salzburg, when he changed his name to Alfons Dalma. In addition to writing and editing in several important German-language newspapers, the highlight of his journalistic career was his appointment as editor-in-chief at ORF. Dalma was awarded several prestigious European awards for his work. In addition to journalism, Dalma was a publicist and translator. A total of 11 books were printed, mostly on political life. In addition to journalistic work, Dalma translated the works of Giovanni Guareschi (Don Camillound Peppone) into German. The figure was created by the academic sculptor Amancio Gonzales Andres from Spain.