Rural holiday home Videma

Rural holiday home Videma

Name of the facility: Rural holiday home Videma
Address: Kuterevo 123 a, 53220 Otočac
Contact number: 098 172 9628
E - mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The rural holiday home Videma is situated in Kuterevo Village, close to the Velebit Refuge for Young Bears. The facility has free Wi-Fi, private parking, children's playground, garden and mountain views. You can unwind in the yard or garden, or there is a spot for mingling with a barbeque at the property. The village of Kuterevo is approximately 33 km from the North Velebit National Park and Velebit House, making it the perfect place to spend time in the outdoors with your family while hiking or mountain climbing. In the summer, the Adriatic Sea is only 41 kilometers away if you stay with us.

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